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"Peter provides a safe, welcoming environment within and without for connecting with the deepest causes of our conditions.  I could not have achieved my miracle without his help.  I am someone who has suffered from deep-seated anger, frustration, emptiness, apathy, and PTSD.  I have been in abusive and co-dependent relationships.  I am now free of the numbness I have experienced for over 15 years.  It is now safe to feel."  A.H.

About Peter McLaughlin, CHt and BlueSky Hypnosis

 "I just wanted to thank you. To give you a little validation. The work you do - is amazing. You have a gift that goes beyond the clinical applications and the lovely cadence of your voice. You have a little magic in you, Peter"  Jessica D

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I love talking about this work, answering your questions and how I can help you transform your life.

Peter McLaughlin, Certified Hypnotherapist

After my own leukemia diagnosis in 2003, I understand what it's like to feel shock and even hopelessness at the significant life challenges we all encounter.

The amazing changes to long-standing issues clients explain to me every week are astounding.

Because the body and mind are connected, the physical and psychological changes can be incredible. The result is freedom from the prison of old wounds and the diminishment or even cessation of symptoms.  People sleep again, the pain goes away, relationships improve, they feel more confident, they lose weight, and more...

​I've been a certified and practicing hypnotherapist since 2006.  If you are struggling with emotional, psychological and physical challenges there is hope - even if you've been told otherwise.

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