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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Buffalo, NY


Serving Buffalo, Williamsville & East Aurora, NY

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Buffalo hypnosis cost
Buffalo, NY hypnosis costs
"Even though I'm open to things like this... I was and still am blown away by the whole experience.  You put my mind at ease... Which is not easy! I still haven't had any panic attacks! "

 Jeanette C.

No Service provided by BlueSky Hypnosis or Peter McLaughlin should be construed in any way as a cure for any medical or psychological condition or a substitution for standard medical treatment by qualified medical doctors or licensed psychiatric personnel. "Buffalo Hypnosis Cost" applies to Buffalo, NY and all surrounding areas.

359 Quaker Road, East Aurora, NY, United States

Phone: 716-628-9833

email: peter@blueskyhypnosis.com


One-to-one sessions are offered in my East Aurora, NY office. Skype sessions are available too.

There are several session options. Here are the hypnosis costs:

A)  I'm Ready To Start: $90 per hour.  Dip your toe in the water.  Understand the underlying cause of your trouble and work on healing.  

Coaching Packages

Most issues that people are suffering with have taken years to develop.  Like a fitness coach helping to train your body, we will need more than one session to deliver life-changing results for your body, mind and spirit.

B)  Basic:  $510  This basic package includes 3 full sessions of 2 hours each for a total of 6 hours.  For some, especially with simple issue this short-term approach may be sufficient to provide resolution.  This provides a discounted price equivalent of $85/hr.

C)  Committed: $960  For most, this will be the best choice of 6 sessions / 12 hours and includes the customized audio ($325 value)  to maximize the effectiveness of the process with the client listening at home to augment the in person sessions.  Discounted price equivalent $80/hr.

D) Fully Committed: $1,800 This is designed as a 12 week process: 12 sessions / 24 hours.  In addition a customized audio is included ($325 value).  Here we focus intensely on your issue(s) using all the tools at our disposal for resolution.  Email and Text Support are included.  All in, this is the most effective approach and the most economical dollar for session-hour value at $75 per hour.