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Your Life Reflects

Your Business...

Your Business Reflects

Your Life.

As we experience 20,000 - 50,000 thoughts each day, we are a perfect record of our past.  Because 95% of these thoughts are occurring deep in the subconscious we are often unaware of exactly what is happening and why.  This mental programming creates repeating patterns in your personal and business life.

Motivations - Habits - Fears - Personality - Creativity

Nothing permanently changes until and unless you change the deeper programming.

The Tools of Change:

Coaching, Pattern Recognition, Hypnosis, Custom Self-Hypnosis Audio, Meditation, NLP, Regression to Cause.


I've bought, grown, run and sold 2 businesses, managing a team of 50 people.

I'm the author of the business book, Becoming the Customer, and have led sales trainings based on the book's principles for corporations across the US.

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