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How the Process Works


You can't permanently heal until the root cause that created and sustains the issue has been healed.

Each person is unique and therefore each path we take is unique. These are the higher level steps that will help you understand the the flow of the work we will undertake.

1. Deep dive into your past looking for significant trauma and life patterns.
2. Use of an ideo-motor tool to pinpoint root cause(s) of the current issues.
3. Hypnotic regression, havening, hypnosis to fully resolve the past.
4. Use of hypnotic programming & coaching embedding new beliefs and behaviors.
5. Testing and monitoring to ensure we've been successful.


Like problems with your car, fixing the root cause is always the solution to the symptoms.

Perhaps it's time for you to make a permanent change?








"I am astounded at the state of calm that I feel in both my mind and body. The pain that felt like an arrow wound in my chest/back is a shadow of what it was.

Working with Peter was profound and dramatic. He is a truly gifted healer."

Beth Kwiatek

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