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Past Life Regression Class for Practitioners

4 three-hour Zoom group sessions AND 1 Hour private session

Wednesday evenings commencing September 20th 2023 7:00 pm Eastern U.S.

9/19 – 9/26 – 10/3 – 10/10




Day 1: Session (3 hours)


  • Introduction to Past Life Regression (1 hour)

Root Cause and why add PLR to your practice

Benefits for the client and applications of past life regression

Ethical considerations and responsible practice

What depth of trance is necessary?

Why establish client connection to spirit guide


  • Pendulum Work & Entity Identification and Removal (2 hours)

Introduction to pendulum usage in past life regression

Techniques for using the pendulum for accessing subconscious information

Practice exercises with the pendulum under guidance

Overcoming blocks by utilizing the pendulum

What to do if the pendulum doesn’t work


Day 2: Session (3 hours)


  •  Preparing / Pre-Talk Clients for Past Life Regression (1.5 hours)


Spiritual Entity Attachment and possible PLR trouble

Client assessment and suitability for past life regression

Building the Container of Rapport and establishing trust

Addressing Introducing client to PLR

How to Address client expectations and concerns

Eliminating Blocks at the Front-End

Dealing with Abreactions

How to close the session


  • Demo Session & Debrief (1.5 hours)


Provide a demonstration of past life regression techniques

Explain the process and steps involved in a regression session

Answer questions and provide insights into the demo experience



Day 3: Session (3 hours)


  • Exploring Past Lives (1.5 hours)


Review of days one and two

Techniques for accessing past life memories

Non-Verbal Techniques for past life regression

Navigating past life experiences

Identifying significant events and patterns


  • Ethical Considerations


Review key ethical considerations in past life regression

Address any questions or concerns related to ethics and responsible practice

Safety Checks and Permissions

How to ethically change a client’s mind using spiritual lawyer approach


  • Facilitating Healing & Integration AND practice time (1.5 hours)


Assisting clients in releasing emotional blocks

Forgiveness and healing PL trauma

Resolving past life traumas and conflicts

Supporting integration and personal growth


Day 4: Session (3 hours)


Advanced Regression Techniques (1.5 hours)


  • Timeline regression for exploring past lives


Future progression for gaining insights and guidance

Group regression and collective experiences


  • Negotiating with a client in hypnosis for success


  • Practice Past Life Regression and Feedback (1.5 hours)


Participants engage in additional practice of past life regression

Offer feedback and guidance to participants, focusing on improving their skills and techniques



Please note that the time allocated for each topic can be adjusted within each session and between sessions based on the needs of the participants and the flow of the sessions.

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