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Healing Trauma from Inside Out

At the root of so many life challenges – from addiction to relationship strife to anger to emotional eating – lies unhealed trauma. The good news is: We can go to the source and deprogram responses that do not serve us. We can heal trauma from the inside out. On this episode of Blue Sky Hypnosis our host Peter McLaughlin shares some of the tools that can free us from bondage. Hypnotherapy and hypnotic regression offers us access to pain that, if left unresolved, will follow us into the present.

Many of us have been conditioned to minimize our hurt, discount it as insignificant compared with the dramatic events of other people’s lives. But that’s a real disservice to the self, says Peter, because pain can’t simply be dismissed. What we fail to honor remains. What we ignore or bury still has life. When it is left untended, trauma finds other ways of expressing itself – through compulsive or self-destructive behaviors and even physical illness that only perpetuate our suffering. That’s where trauma work comes in. Peter takes a controlled approach to identifying triggers, then methodically tracing them back to their origin story. Why? Because, one way or another, deep wounding – perhaps a childhood incident or a conflict experienced in another lifetime – insists on being seen and expressed.

Peter walks us through what healing looks like, inviting us to travel back to the source of our trauma. The subconscious mind is a powerful protector with no concept of time, but we have it within us to enlist our inner guidance in a transformational journey to reconciliation. “Trauma is at the root of all the issues with which we are dealing in our lives,” says Peter, who also takes live audience questions on a range of topic related to processing pain. Are you ready to deactivate hyper-reactive buttons, access your deepest wisdom, reconcile brokenness and find freedom from old wounding? This episode will set you on the path!

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