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Silencing the Inner Critic w Hypnosis

Back from a two-week hiatus, Peter takes on a phenomenon that dogs many of us all throughout our lives: The constant presence of a relentless Inner Critic. He invites us to look at that powerful voice of negativity which for many of us sits on one shoulder, eagerly undermining or derailing our best efforts. You know the voice! It’s the one that tells you that you’re fat or unlovable or bound to fail. It can be very viscous and overwhelming. We wouldn’t speak to anyone else so harshly, so then why is it okay that we do it to ourselves? The short answer? It’s not okay. At all. Peter is here to point us towards a different way of being.

“Thoughts are things. If you want to change your life, you have to change your thoughts,” says Peter in this live chat full of nonstop viewer questions and feedback. He deconstructs the three most common ways in which our often-entrenched Inner Critic comes to live in our psyches. He asks us to consider whose voice we’re hearing and what its purpose might be.

· Could it be coming from the kind of harsh judgment your father or mother deployed against you when you were a child?

· Is it possible that a spiritual entity has found and attached itself to you in some capacity?

· Is there a voice protecting you at some level from inadvertently revisiting or even recreating a past trauma?

There is a powerful sort of magic in identifying our thoughts and addressing what it is our brains are seeking. If we choose dig in and get to the source, there can be resolution and healing. But it can also be a protracted battle – one that Peter equips us for with his strategies and insight.

By way of preparation, Peter explains two critical elements to healing:

· When we meet a negative thought with its opposite, the Inner Voice will rear up. It is not used to such affirmations. We have to be prepared to sit with that dissonance and the disruptive, disquieting feelings that can occur as a result.

· Repetition is king. Before your conscious and unconscious mind can assert what you desire (a positive Inner Voice, encouraging your confidence, your goals and dreams) it has to integrate deeply within. One reliable way to make inroads is through subliminal and audible tracks such as those available through Peter's channel and at his website.

“Any thoughts can create our reality, especially if we repeat them consistently,” says Peter. So the next time your Inner Critic tries to take over, remember that you can conjure other, stronger, better voices in a very powerful way. Meditation is a practice Peter strongly recommends for cultivating a healing, positive inner voice. Learning about the impacts of tonal frequencies is another.

When you understand your Inner Critic’s origin story you can take direct action. Peter likens it to having your adult self travel back in time to rescue your younger self from whatever person, past life event or traumatic experience has lodged itself within your psyche.

It’s all about exposing the source, then re-programming your brain in order to become the best possible version of yourself. There are many routes into the conscious and subconscious mind, all of which Peter has navigated with his clients and in his own experience. We don’t have to let that harsh Inner Critic drag us down. With his usual intuitiveness and empathy, Peter sets us on a path to unburdened, psychic freedom.

Click here to view Peter’s live session on PLR in its entirety. And tune in for the next Friday LIVE, which will focus on the use of hypnosis and other techniques to control binge eating.

To learn more about Blue Sky Hypnosis, visit or join Peter’s email list by clicking here.


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