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The Power of Forgiveness with Hypnosis

More than an outcome or endpoint, forgiveness is in many ways part of a process. In this episode of Friday LIVE @Five, Peter illuminates the role that education plays in releasing old wounds and moving on. In his 15-year practice he has seen that a majority of clients ultimately find healing through forgiveness. It may not be a straight or easy path, but it’s essential to do the work of uncovering old wounds and finding empathy within traumas we have either inflicted or suffered in this or any other lifetime.

Peter shares with us thoughts on accessing the source of old grudges, anger, resentment or pain that in essence handcuff us in life. Through intentionality and engagement with the spirit world we can do the healing that will not only unbind and free us but also release those around us from ongoing cycles of pain. This hour features many uplifting accounts of the progress we can experience when we’re open to doing the difficult spade work required. We may be taught that Netflix, popcorn and cruise control are optimal life companions, but Peter gently prods us to ask: Do we want more dimensionality than this? What kind of freedom might exist for us beyond trauma and wounding? How does forgiveness correlate to emotional, spiritual, professional, physiological and interpersonal radiance and joy?

When we make the decision to let go of our grievances and step into the light, we experience transformation at every level – from the cellular to the global. In this season of gratitude, Peter sends out appreciation to the Blue Sky community and also a thought as 2021 comes to a close: We aren’t here to be safe. We are here to be adventurers! Being a questioner may be frightening, even painful, but it puts you on a path with fellow travelers moving towards healing, release and an ever deeper sense of purpose in life.

Ultimately forgiveness is about expanding the frame within which we’re operating; changing the perspective. We don’t have to accept wrongs, but we must try to release them in order to release ourselves.

Click here to view Peter’s live session on Forgiveness with Hypnosis in its entirety. Peter will resume Friday LIVE @Five on January 7th, with a conversation about present-life trauma.

Also, don’t miss Peter’s exciting three-hour LIVE happening on February 5th – a paid Zoom class that will teach you all about past-life regression. More information is available here.

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