Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Buffalo, NY

"My mind has been reeling...  It is like looking at everything for the first time again. I have such a positive feeling and am very at ease with my self and my surroundings. You have brought me to a state I no longer thought possible."  Steve Whitehead

"I really enjoyed our session. Its left me with the feeling of acceptance of my daughter and a better understanding of contentment. Not what I was asking to receive but more the I could have hoped for."

Kathy P.

Spiritual Regression Hypnosis in Buffalo, NY

Spiritul regression hypnotherapy work is done through each client's spirit guide.  Think of this guide as the hub of a wagon wheel.

Past lives and elements of the life between lives are the spokes.  The guide helps direct the client to the sources of their physical or emotional issues.

Once located, we work on healing the originating cause of the issue at hand.  This cause is related to a higher purpose - the lessons the client is to learn in this lifetime.

All of the information comes through the client.  The client is connected to a source of deep, spiritual wisdom.

This wisdom ultimately guides the client to the origin of the challenge and then to healing.

These spiritual regression hypnotherapy sessions are often deeply emotional with clients emerging with a sense of freedom, awe and understanding - a true homecoming.

Newsweek article on Spiritual Experience and Proof of Heaven

Sometimes referred to as Life Between Lives, this type of regression works within a period of consciousness after death in one life and prior to birth in another life.

People who have near death experiences (NDEs) report incredible spiritual experiences while their brain and bodies are often clinically deceased.

Here is a link to an October 2012 Newsweek cover article by Dr. Eben Alexander.  He is a neurosurgeon and self-defined former skeptic who had this type of spiritual experience and describes it in his article and book called Proof of Heaven.


"MY session was with my council telling me my spirit name is ISHA and showing me Egyptian looking symbols of my guides who are always enfolding me with great love.  Compassion and balance were my lessons.  I thank Peter for helping me to reconnect with and love myself even more."  Barbara Miller

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