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"What you don't know gets repressed and creates emotional and physical difficulties.  Your cells metabolize everything that happens to you."  ----Deepak Chopra

"I have great news to share​!  My restless leg syndrome is finally gone after 7 years of suffering with it!  I will be forever grateful."  Jennifer F.

 "I want to thank you very, very much for your help with my problem. What a difference.  I tried counseling to no avail.  I tried drugs which only worked sometimes. After a few sessions with Peter, it's like night and day. I can't explain it any other way than just short of a miracle for me.  Simply amazing!"  David B.

Healing Hypnotherapy in Buffalo, NY
Healing hypnotherapy in Buffalo, NY


Whatever issues your dealing with, even if they've been labeled "unexplained" or "permanent", there is hope.

Here is a sampling of issues that I've helped my clients in Buffalo, Williamsville, & East Aurora, NY, in their journey of healing:



Chronic Stress


Relationship Issues

Poor Sleep & Insomnia

Sexual Dysfunction

Smoking Cessation

Molestation Trauma

Fears & Phobias

Anger & Chronic Rage

Pain Relief

Weight Loss

Cancer Support

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Blood Pressure



Surgical Preparation

Unexplained Symptoms 

"As I look back on our journey with Kyle, it is apparent to me that without hypnosis from Peter McLaughlin we would still be having brain surgery on Kyle. He is now on yearly scans and still tumor free. He made a documentary on angelightfilms.org showing kids that he can do the same things any kid can do and if you're diagnosed with a brain tumor you can conquer it and beat it. Thank you Peter! You will always be in our hearts!"  Pam Picard

"Healing hypnosis is a completely natural process.  It's like daydreaming or pulling your car into your driveway but having been so focused on something you forgot the details of the drive."

A symptom is a sign that something deeper is wrong.

Do you have symptoms of fear, anxiety, depression, compulsions, being overweight, emotional or physical pain or other manifestations of illness? 

The mind and body are connected, so it's vital to understand the mental and emotional aspects contributing to unwanted conditions and behaviors.

We can tap into a deeper source of wisdom with healing hypnotherapy, find the origin of your issue, regardless of where in the past it was created and heal it at its source.  The mind shifts and the body follows.

There's always a reason for a symptom as nothing occurs in a vacuum.