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Each person has unique gifts they are to bring into this world.  When one person is suffering or not reaching their potential, we all suffer.  It’s my core mission to help clients shed their pain and limitations.  To help them reach their dearest goals, finding true purpose and with it the satisfaction and happiness we all crave.  This is why I do this work.

For me, it’s a calling.


At times we all feel lost.  There has been an illness, the collapse of a relationship, failure to succeed in a business or career.  We may even feel hopeless.  We can’t seem to get out of our own way.  We feel as if after all of our struggling, we're going nowhere.

Frustration.  Confusion.  Depression.

Peter is an amazing practitioner who is down to earth and knowledgeable...and immediately put me at ease. I recommend him to many who are ready to dig deeper in a safe environment!"

-- Ceaton F.


Our problems are generally patterned and conditioned responses.  This is why we repeat issues over and over again and we cannot seem to break free. 

Willpower is not enough. If it were, we’d quickly solve our issues and move on.  The change must occur deep within the subconscious mind where the old patterns are running.  Once this happens our new ways of thinking, feeling and acting takes over and we are on our way.

My specialty is helping clients make these deeper transformative changes to reprogram their mind for success in all walks of their lives.

These are the tools we use to create change:


Hypnotic Regression

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Life and Business Coaching

Keen eye for Cause and Effect patterns

Self-Hypnosis Audio

"My experience was outstanding. I had been very unhappy for so many years and after 3 sessions with Peter, I felt like a huge weight was lifted. I encourage everyone to give it a try because it was the best decision I made."

 -- Margaret G.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Buffalo, NY

My fear kept me from following my dreams. Not only did Peter help me work through my fears but he was very encouraging. He truly made be believe I could do what ever I set my mind to. I highly recommend him!!"

--Annette P.

BUFFALO Transformational Life Coaching