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This Is Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Why do you and so many people struggle mightily with losing weight?

I see people who are frustrated because all the conventional methods of counting calories for losing and keeping weight off have failed.

How To Lose Weight

Sure, for short periods of time they may have lost weight only to gain it all back again. This yoyo experience is cruel, time consuming and expensive.

Here is why counting calories with diet and exercise doesn’t work:

Weight gain is a symptom of a deeper problem…

You are overeating as a way of soothing deeper pain. You are treating food as a pain killer.

It’s an addiction.

This is similar to some who use gambling or drugs or alcohol or sex or binge TV watching as a way to temporarily relieve pain.

Physical Pain - Emotional Pain – Psychological Pain

Also known as STRESS.

The pain we call stress is getting worse and worse in the culture in which we live.

It’s no coincidence that we live in the most stressed out society the planet has ever witnessed along with the heaviest society in history.

Diets and exercise do nothing to heal the underlying problem.

There is a reason we have the phrase: Comfort Food

We are literally comforting ourselves to relieve underlying dis-comfort.

How does counting calories deal with this factor? That’s right. It doesn’t!

Willpower can only take you so far before the compulsion driven by the underlying pain takes over and you begin the yoyo cycle anew.

To compound matters, each time you feel stress, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol.

Cortisol encourages your body to hold onto fat.

When our ancestors were stressed, chances are their access to food had been interrupted with crops failing, war or some other social calamity.

Retaining fat could be the reason our ancestors survived the winter thus ensuring our very existence.

Looking at your body in the mirror and becoming disgusted?

This only serves to super-charge stress and release more cortisol thus compounding the problem.

Let’s get real…

The solution begins by making friends with your body. Treating it with kindness instead of disgust, anger or disdain.

Realize that weight gain is a symptom of underlying pain that is calling out for healing.

Start this healing with some method of daily meditation, prayer, self-hypnosis or other mental conditioning practice.

If there are old traumas in your past, these may be crying out for healing. When we undergo trauma, pain may become lodged within our very bodies.

A Heavy Heart Creates A Heavy Body

I help people deal with this inner pain. Psychotherapy may help too. Whatever you choose, the deeper wounds need to be healed.

  • Commit to a daily practice

  • Heal the deeper wounds

When you heal the deeper pain and when you realize the beautiful truth of your existence, this peace and beauty will be reflected on the outside too. The urges will dissipate. The stress will come under control. Your body will change.

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