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"What you don't know gets repressed and creates emotional and physical difficulties.  Your cells metabolize everything that happens to you."


--Deepak Chopra



Do you have symptoms of fear, anxiety, depression, compulsions, being overweight, emotional or physical pain or illness? 

We access you inner-source of wisdom with healing hypnotherapy and heal the origin of your issues.


There's always a reason for a symptom as nothing occurs in a vacuum.

road to healing

We live in a society that is more overweight and unhealthy than any other in the history of the planet. In fact, 2 of every 3 Americans are either overweight or obese.


Are you struggling with weight issues? Weight loss hypnosis can help.

Why is this?


In the past 12 weeks I’ve lost twenty three pounds and twelve inches.  I now am wearing clothes that haven’t fit in years.  Just in these past weeks, there have been several parties with cake and other sweets.  I’ve not had the urge to eat any of it.  I’m happily listening to my audio every night.


 -- Margie G.

lose weight

Hypnotic regression means traveling within the mind to an earlier time.  The origin of migraine headaches, intense anxiety or a painful relationship is either earlier in the present life or within a past lifetime.  To heal the issue at its root, we must understand the cause and heal the issue at its source.

The story of your life is written in the larger story of your existence.

Past Life Regression

Spiritual Regression



you past life story

We live in a stressful time.  Vast numbers of Americans are on anti-anxiety or anti-depression medications.  Is this just the way it must be?


The answer is NO.  There is a better way because no problem exists in a vacuum.  Every problem has a root cause. And anxiety & stress hypnotherapy can transform your life!

find peace

Performance Enhancement

Every athlete and performer understands the vital nature of practice and rehearsal.  What is just beginning to be understood is the vital nature of mental training.


What makes a great athlete?  Physical strength and agility are crucial, however, consistency is key. Finding your way into the "zone" more often will enhance your performance enough to make a significant difference in your sports, business or artistic performance.


Take charge of your mind to take charge of your talent and with it your success.

My clients include professional athletes along with business leaders and artists.

triumph with life coaching
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