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This is Why Affirmations are so Powerful

Let’s start to understand the power of affirmations by defining the term “affirmation”.

\ ˌa-fər-ˈmā-shən

According to the dictionary, an affirmation is:

  1. A statement that something exists or is true

  2. A confirmation of the truth of a prior decision

  3. A legal declaration subject to perjury laws in place of an oath

The power of an affirmation comes from the word “truth”. An affirmation is a statement presented and repeated as truth to the unconscious mind that over time the mind comes to believe is true.

When the unconscious mind accepts a statement as true it shifts its reality to reflect this truth.

This is how the placebo effect works. When the unconscious mind believes a pill you are taking is a powerful medicine that relieves migraine headaches, the pain disappears even when the pill contains nothing but an inert substance.

This is how stage hypnosis works when the hypnotist suggests or affirms a “truth” that it’s 20 degrees and freezing cold to a hypnotized subject. The hypnotized person promptly responds by developing goosebumps on their skin and shivering. This happens even when it’s a sweltering 88 degrees on the stage where this is occurring.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill – Author, Think and Grow Rich

Science calls this the Placebo Effect, illustrated above, and the “Illusory Truth Effect” which describes how even a false statement repeated over and over again becomes true to the human mind.


Advertising agencies, public relations firms, governments and other propaganda artists use these concepts to hack into our minds leading us to believe their product is the answer to all our problems and that this time war will really bring lasting peace.

As a kid, this phenomenon was real for me when playing tabletop hockey or ping pong with my friends. Whenever the song “Little Willie” or “Midnight at the Oasis” came on the radio, I became a rock star and couldn’t lose.

Was there something intrinsically important about these songs? Not really. I had somehow convinced my subconscious mind that I was superhuman while those songs were playing. The song acted like a post hypnotic suggestion triggering a “truth” that my subconscious mind had accepted.

How can you program yourself for the outcomes you desire?

Affirmations or Autosuggestion AKA self-hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool. You are feeding your unconscious mind with “truths” that over time the unconscious mind will absorb and make into its reality. What you put into your mind will begin to come out through your experiences.

I have several free affirmations and many self-hypnosis videos you can use on my website and youtube channel -

  • Repetition is key. Do them every day for at least one month to embed the new ideas deep within your unconscious mind.

  • Notice the changes you experience and write them down. Do a self-debrief after 30 days to assess your progress.

You can change your self-image, your health, your finances, and your relationships. The sky is the limit. You may even become unbeatable at ping pong!

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