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Past Life Regression: Who Were You Before?

Back from a two-week hiatus, Peter is excited to reconnect with viewers and answer questions on a range of topics related to Past Life Regression (PLR).

  • What is it?

  • Does it pose dangers?

  • Can it heal afflictions?

In this episode of Friday LIVE, Peter explains how he and many of his clients have used hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations with tremendously emotionally and spiritually healing results.

Peter walks us through some of the barriers to PLR, including fear and disbelief. He also explains the spirit attachment phenomenon that can block access to past lives. Hypnosis provides a path into the unconscious mind and unresolved issues, but not without the conscious mind’s cooperation.

In addition to hypnosis, Peter shares some of the other portals through which a shift in consciousness can be achieved: dreams, meditation, fever, mediums/psychics, hallucinogenic drugs.

Viewer chat and questions touch on many aspects of PLR, including speaking in foreign languages and vividly connecting with a particular culture, region or era. Peter addresses concerns about whether PLR poses any dangers or it’s possible to get “stuck” in a hypnotic state. The short answer is: No.

Peter explains how natural mechanisms serve as a buffer – and why some amount of vulnerability is a good thing. “Could you become emotional doing past life regression? Absolutely,” he says. “But I don’t think of that as dangerous ... If anything, it’s going to help you relieve some of the burden you’ve been carrying around.”

At its core, PLR is a tool for healing. For Peter, this work is all about locating the roots of longstanding issues so they can be identified and dismantled. Phobias, anxieties and other psychological and physiological disorders are in some cases simply the body’s protective response to a perceived threat.

Peter explains some of the ways in which traumas from past lives can have present-life implications if they are ignored, repressed or left unresolved. Through hypnosis it’s possible to change your relationship to things from the past – even painful, frightening or overwhelming events.

People in a hypnotic state have access to images, inner sounds, kinesthetic or emotional feelings that are pathways to healing, says Peter, but not if they are drowned out by self-judgment, skepticism and denigration. Past life regression is intertwined with one essential ingredient: Imagination.

While “It’s all in your mind” is generally meant to be dismissive or even demeaning, Peter takes a completely different view. He believes that humans distinguish themselves within the animal kingdom not by how fast they run or how keen their sense of smell, sight and hearing. “What we’re most powerful at is imagining things that don’t yet exist and bringing them into existence!” Or, in the case of PLR, immersing in events from other lifetimes that, particularly when unresolved, reverberate in the lives we are experiencing now.

Click here to view Peter’s live session on PLR in its entirety. And tune in for the next Friday LIVE, which will focus on the use of hypnosis in healing trauma.

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