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Releasing Guilt Through Atonement

Are you stuck in first gear, unable to move beyond guilt? On this episode of Friday LIVE @Five we are learning about the power of shifting into reverse! Host Peter McLaughlin is imploring all of us to accept grace and forgiveness as the only response to mistakes, which are inevitable in this human, flawed enterprise called human life.

Getting free of the burden starts with defining and truly understanding the difference between two related – but very different – terms: Guilt and Remorse.Peter explains the self-absorbed nature of guilt, which is inwardly focused and does not serve yourself or others. Remorse, by contrast, attaches to real efforts at reconciliation and healing connections with those we have wronged. There are many avenues for making amends, including through spiritual guides and accessing consciousness, which never dies and is always available for reconciliation even with people who’ve passed.

Viewers courageously share with Peter personal experiences of violation and grievous regret, which he addresses with compassion and practical strategies for resolving deeply rooted emotions. Often we are locked in remorse tied to traumatic events dating back many years, an energy that can be released as a first step towards unburdening ourselves and finding freedom.

As Peter explains, it’s critical that every one of us learns to move out of the self-referential paralysis of guilt and into a proactive remorse that ignites healing and reconciliation with the past. Because at the end of the day, we all stumble. “We are all children of God,” says Peter. “We are all magnificent. But it gets distorted and twisted by pain. And pain begets more pain.”

By embracing the things about which we are most ashamed, we are moving the entire human race towards a higher vibrational frequency that serves the human race and – even more so – our own sense of agency and delight in the world. There is liberation, says Peter, in offering up even our most hidden parts!

Peter wraps up the episode with thoughts about a poem he recently composed to express the beauty in exposing ourselves – even our most shameful, weakest and most troubling parts. It is all about capturing the transformational power of unconditional love for ourselves – and others.

Join us next week, when Friday LIVE @Five focuses on resolving emotional pain to enable weight loss.

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