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Resolve Emotional Pain to Lose Weight

Are you diligently dieting and exercising but still struggling to shed pounds? It may be because your physical fitness toolkit is missing a critical third component. Trauma and stress – past or present – may be weighing you down, literally, body and soul.

This episode of Friday LIVE @Five is all about resolving emotional pain to lose weight. Host Peter McLaughlin walks us through the primary factors that set us – and our bodies – up for overeating. They include a range of possibilities, from work we hate to boredom with our circumstances, from an unhappy relationship to self-sabotaging subconscious messages with roots in a past life. Even dehydration or over-caffeination can be enough to trigger a cascade of physical responses (Hello adrenaline and cortisol!) that trigger our bodies’ most primal instinct to stay safe – in this case by holding onto fat.

Viewers are sharing a variety of personal stories, which Peter responds to with both empathy and strategies for getting to the bottom of unwanted behaviors.

This lively interactive conversation will inspire you to get unstuck by digging deep in search of whatever psychic heaviness is reducing your vibration and blocking you from living your best life. It’s a holistic approach to weight loss completely different from the standard diet fare so many of us have tried. “We don’t want to obsess on the symptoms. We want to get to the root cause. Because once we resolve the root cause,” says Peter, “the weight starts to fall off.”

This episode of Friday LIVE @ Five can be viewed in its entirety here. And don’t miss next week’s episode, which will explore Spiritual Entity Attachment and Possession.

To learn more about Blue Sky Hypnosis, visit or join Peter’s email list by clicking here. And check out past shows on Peter’s YouTube Channel.


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