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Spiritual Warfare

In his latest LIVE video, Peter McLaughlin of BlueSky Hypnosis explores the concept of spiritual warfare. He delves into the struggle between good and evil, represented by the forces of light and the forces of darkness including God and figures like Satan and demons.

Peter also introduces a dark character named Ahriman as the God of technology, mentioned by German mystic Rudolph Steiner, as part of this cosmic battle.

According to Peter, this spiritual warfare isn't limited to celestial realms; it extends into individuals, relationships, communities, and the entire planet. He draws parallels to world wars being fought on all fronts including, science and propaganda used to divide and conquer.

This video highlights the importance of understanding and begins by defining evil. Peter references Alistair Crowley's infamous phrase, "do what thou wilt," which advocates self-interest without regard for the consequences on others.

He also mentions Bohemian Grove where male world leaders engage in a cult-like ceremony called the "cremation of care," exploring how it attempts to override humanity's inherent sense of right and wrong.

Peter believes that spiritual warfare primarily extends beyond physical battles and into the realm of the mind, where manipulation and deception play a significant role. He refers to the movie "The Usual Suspects," quoting a character who states, "The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing people that he doesn't exist."

Peter discusses the “Revelation of the Method” as a technique of the dark forces to absolve them of heinous acts by alerting us these attacks will occur. This often happens in the form of entertainment, leading people to dismiss the Karma dodging warnings as mere fiction.

Peter answers questions from participants in the LIVE video including delving into the spiritual vulnerability of individuals and the potential for spiritual entities to attach themselves as energetic parasites to people.

Peter likens the “gateways” to evil as a kind of gradual seduction in certain behaviors, media, and substances that can, step by step, lead people into darkness.

Peter emphasizes the importance of spiritual protection and suggests that the biblical phrase: “putting on the whole armor of God” involves vibrating at a high frequency. This includes practicing forgiveness, love, grace, and compassion.

In conclusion, Peter McLaughlin invites people to explore the concept of spiritual warfare and consider the ways in which they can protect themselves from negative influences. First avoiding lower vibration foods, media, drugs and actions and secondly by embracing love, forgiveness and compassion. In this way individuals can strengthen their spiritual armor and successfully resist the forces of darkness.

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