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Stop Binge Eating Permanently: Weight Loss Hypnosis

This LIVE @ Five episode gets underneath a struggle that impacts millions of people every day: Binge Eating.

Host Peter McLaughlin untangles the knot of potential drivers for this behavior and shares thoughts on how to disempower the hunger within.

It all starts with bringing awareness. As Peter has said many times, If you want to solve a problem, you have to get to the root of it. Our culture may encourage staying on the surface, but until we get to the psycho-emotional source of binge eating then the pain will live on inside of us – compelling behaviors we don’t understand and from which we’re constantly seeking relief.

Peter takes a variety of questions from viewers trying to discover why they are over-eating. He explains how to identify the influences that might be at play, including the most common causes of binge behavior among the many people he has coached:

1) Using food (much like some use drugs and alcohol) as a distraction or escape from some sort of pain (psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual).

2) Attempting to fill a hole – such as a lack of fulfillment in relationships, work, bodily or artistic expression.

3) Feeding what is or seems like a legitimate hunger, perhaps generated by the deprivation of an ongoing diet. If a body isn’t getting enough food, at some point a boomerang effect can occur, spurring a binge as the primitive brain attempts to regain equilibrium.

Our bodies are constantly trying to come into balance. Moderation fosters health and well-being while extremes – whether with consumption of food, drugs, merchandise, Netflix or even exercise – create a disharmony that the universe struggles to correct. We don’t have to live this way, however. Peter explains the power of self-love and self-healing as a first step to creating the balanced life you desire. It starts with coming to acceptance of the person in the mirror, who cannot – and should not – be bullied into “good” behavior.

Subliminal tracks (such as this new one, that Peter has just posted here) can help reset your frame of mind and, through repetition, disrupt patterns that do not serve. Whether you are struggling with food because your subconscious is trying to put layers of “protection” between you and the rest of the world or you are simply suffering the effects of chronic deprivation from extreme calorie restriction, this episode of Friday Live @ Five will illuminate a path forward that is paved above all with mindfulness, self-compassion and openness to psycho-emotional healing.

You will not be perfect in this work. A pro baseball player would never think of walking off the field or ending a career over a single mistake. If we bring self-compassion and stay in the game, understanding the inevitable stumbles, then we can open ourselves to integrating and healing old wounding at the deepest levels.

Click here to view Peter’s live session on Binge Eating in its entirety. And tune in for the next Friday LIVE, which will focus on explaining the many aspects of past life regression.

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