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Understanding & Clearing Spiritual Attachments

Could it be that your attempts to lose weight, abstain from drugs or alcohol, improve intimate relationships or achieve personal/professional goals are being thwarted by uninvited spiritual entities? In this episode of LIVE @ Five we hear from Peter exactly why this happens (more frequently than we imagine) and how best to respond. He explains the importance of identifying these entities when they manifest and then moving them along, thus freeing up space for us to live our best lives.

There are some concrete ways to engage with spiritual entities and persuade them that it’s time to go to the light. We are not talking here about a process of bullying or coercion. Anger or harshness will not penetrate because the vast majority of spiritual entities are simply frightened, vulnerable or scared of facing the next realm. They need to be seen and ushered out with compassion.

And if some stubbornly remain? At that point, Peter suggests, it’s time to contemplate whether we have something unresolved within ourselves. Why, we must ask, do we want or need this spiritual entity to remain? Is this attachment serving some unconscious purpose? They are very often connected with some deeper shame, trauma, regret or fear that needs – or is perhaps demanding – recognition and attention. Only then can such attachments be cleared.

This fast-paced hour answers a lot of questions, covers a lot of ground and offers additional resources for all those interested in learning more about spiritual attachments. The goal is to gently but firmly clear a path to living life at a frequency so positive that unwanted spiritual entities will have no space or opportunity to attach.

Click here to view Peter’s live session on Understanding & Clearing Spiritual Attachments in its entirety. And tune in for the next Friday LIVE, which will focus on explaining the many aspects of past life regression.

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