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Understanding & Removing Spiritual Attachments Hypnosis

Do you know what spiritual attachments are? Have you encountered spiritual attachments in your lifetime?

A spiritual attachment is a human being whose body has died but whose spirit hasn’t left the earth. They attach to a living person’s energetic field to feel as though they have a body.

Spiritual entities corrupt the thoughts of that living being, which can negatively impact your life. Successfully removing these entities brings lightness into the life of the people who previously harbored them.

How spiritual attachments attach themselves to you

Spiritual attachments attach themselves to you when you leave a vulnerability that might allow them to get into your energetic field. There are three reasons plus one that make you vulnerable to these entities. They include;

· Use of drugs and alcohol

· Emotional extremes held for a long time

· Intimate relationship with someone with spiritual attachments

· Purposely calling in dark spirits

How to know if you’re attached to spiritual entities

There are different ways for you to know whether spiritual attachments are attached to you. Sometimes you’ll feel something isn’t right in your energetic field or having consistent nightmares, which could be a sign that an entity is within you. You can also use tools like a pendulum or muscle testing to check for any attached entities within your energetic fields.

How to protect yourself from spiritual attachments

There are different ways you can be vulnerable to spiritual attachments like earlier mentioned, which are all low vibrational emotional states.

Emotional states like depression, anger, low self-love and esteem, and avoiding human contact leave you wide exposed to spiritual entities.

You can, however, raise your vibration by developing emotional states such as joy, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, and other positive emotions. Raising your vibration will decrease your chances of attracting spiritual entities since they themselves vibrate at low states, which is what they’re attracted to.

Strategies you can to release spiritual entities

The good news is that we can release these spiritual attachments so they can go back to the light. This includes strength of purpose demanding they leave. Second is the compassionate approach to releasing spiritual entities where you convince the entity to go back into the light where they will find love from their own guides and loved ones.

In the same way, you allowed them into your energetic field under the law of free will even if tacitly, you can rescind that agreement so they must leave. Raising your vibration to the highest level makes your body an inhospitable place for the entities.

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