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Word Magic: Are You Being Programmed?

Peter is back this week to answer more listener questions on another exciting topic related to hypnosis: thought programming.

On this episode of Friday LIVE, Peter dives right into the five methods used to access the subconscious mind, and he provides insight into how we can identify and protect ourselves from thought programming in general.

Peter first describes repetition and how schools and universities the world over have long been using this method to drive new information into the subconscious mind. The second method he mentions is authority, and how it can be a powerful influence on your thinking in its own right. The last three methods of programming are your own emotions, hypnosis itself, and the effect of the group, or group mentality. “Conforming with the herd is a hardwired survival skill we all have,” Peter points out.

One thing Peter drills home is that all of these things are employed by television and those seeking to sell you something: a product or service or even a policy or idea. It’s on us to learn to protect ourselves from those that are trying to influence our subconscious mind. The critical faculty, he explains, is the doorway to the subconscious mind. And the critical faculty is what’s played on when we struggle to discern what is good...or even true. Even the mere act of watching television will put you into a hypnotic trance creating a vulnerability to influence.

So in order to protect yourself, Peter says you can learn about these techniques, or like a police detective consider who benefits (“cui bono?”) and maybe even consider removing the TVs from your house.

More important than all of this, though, is understanding how everything is tied, or linked, back to our emotions, Peter says. It’s our emotional nature that drives us and enables our will to live, so connecting something as small as a sale to something as large as our big beating hearts, it’s no question that those who seek to influence us will key in upon our emotions and use this as a powerful lever.

The monopoly on data and information is a huge part of the problem, which we’re seeing right now on the internet, Peter says. So people devise new ways to get you to trust them when it’s hard to actually get to whatever the truth is. In order to get people to believe you, they will want you to think they are representing the majority, or at least perceived that way. Being in the majority is subconsciously perceived as the safe choice, and people who feel safe will follow you.

No matter what, we will always be susceptible to our own emotions. However, if we know them keenly, and pay attention to the behaviors of people like advertisers, politicians and car salespeople -- who we know are trying to play on our critical faculty to get access to that precious subconscious -- then we may be able to thwart thought programming for good. And instead, become the masters of our own minds.

Click here to view Peter’s live session on thought programming in its entirety. And tune in for the next Friday LIVE, which will focus on a psychological analysis of The Matrix.

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