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Pinellas County Past Life Regression

"Working with Peter has literally changed my life.  I struggled with depression and anger for decades and tried everything from traditional psychiatry to various holistic methods with no lasting change.  After a few sessions with Peter, I gained the power to ignore my negative mind chatter and remain positive no matter what life throws at me.  This was well over a year ago so I know the change real, deep and lasting."


-- Kyle P.

Past Life Regression

Diving deep into past-lives or past life regression therapy leads to greater understanding of one's existence and often an incredible release from from physical and emotional challenges in this life.

Online & In-Person Sessions for Past Life Regression are available...

Whether it's regressing in hypnosis to a past life in 1542 or 1942 past life regression hypnosis takes you to an earlier lifetime that illuminates the keys to crucial information we seek to understand:


Life Purpose - Relationships - GriefDisease - Pain - Anxiety - Tragedy - Depression

Past Life Overview

"It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again." 


-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Past Life Regression Hypnosis


Past Life Regression Therapy

Clients are guided via hypnotic regression to unravel the mysteries of their illnesses, difficult relationships, anxieties, illnesses, obesity, rage, life purpose and more...


This work is based upon the teachings of luminaries such as Dr. Michael Newton, Mary Lee Lebay, Dr. Brian Weiss and Andy Tomlinson.

This video is a fascinating Primetime TV account of a small boy who may have been reincarnated from a WWII fighter pilot killed in the Pacific campaign.

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