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Weight Loss

Counting calories alone doesn't work!  If it did, you wouldn't be struggling to reduce weight only to put it all and more back on in the frustrating yoyo cycle.

Maybe you've been searching for Weight Loss Near Me if so, you've come to the right place! AND... Online Sessions for Weight Loss are Available

A totally different approach - but one that ultimately answers the question: "if hypnosis for weight loss works"!


Lose weight feel lighter

In the past 12 weeks I’ve lost twenty three pounds and twelve inches.  I now am wearing clothes that haven’t fit in years.  Just in these past weeks, there have been several parties with cake and other sweets.  I’ve not had the urge to eat any of it.  I’m happily listening to my audio every night.


 -- Margie G.

Stress is THE overlooked factor in weight loss.


When stressed, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol.  Cortisol is a hormone that encourages the retention of fat while creating cravings for high-calorie and sugary foods.


"Peter! I am doing great! I still listen to the audio and I have lost about 14 pounds. My anxiety is so much better. Thank you for your expertise. It was a great experience working with you."

 -- Allison R.


Stress triggers the subconscious mind to seize all available fat from the food consumed. This can also be alleviated with stress hypnotherapy.


Many people eat in response to stress to distract themselves from unpleasant circumstances. This is emotional eating.

Let's help you change your thinking with our weight loss hypnotherapy, finding peace, and with it a slimmer, healthier body.

So, yes, hypnosis for weight loss works!

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"Just in the past 6 weeks since listening to the CD and working with you, I've lost 35 pounds!"

​  -- Mary Lou K.


(20 week update - 40lbs lost going steady)

"There isn't just a line or two to "sum up" the changes in my life that have occurred since I walked through your door. My ENTIRE life changed. How I see me, my family and the world as a whole has improved. I came to see you about my weight. Not only has that changed but my marriage has improved, our farm is feeding more people and the relationships I have with others has FOREVER changed for the better. Like I said earlier, since meeting and working with you- it is like the lock has been broken on my life and I can fully absorb all that life has to offer and more. The possibilities where your influence can touch are endless. Thank you! I had no idea life could be this wonderful. I only wish I found you sooner. I truly am eternally grateful." 

Deborah Robbins-Miller

One of my videos on Youtube w more than 2 million views. Maybe it will help you too?

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