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Addiction in the US is exploding, especially here in Buffalo, NY.  It goes beyond the common definition of illegal narcotics, cigarettes and alcohol into prescribed medications, gambling, caffeine, sex, sugar, food, work, social media, texting and even exercise.


This plague destroys families, causes accidents, financial ruin, sickness and death.



It's important to recognize that addicted people are attempting to numb pain with their behavior.  This could be physical or emotional pain.  Taking away the drug or behavior without dealing with the underlying pain only creates a vacuum.  This makes it highly likely that the original drug or behavior or some other addiction will replace what was removed.


Addiction hypnotherapy may be the treatment that works for you.

Do you have an addiction? Do you live in Buffalo, Williamsville, East Aurora, or the surrounding areas?

Are you wondering where you can get help - "hypnosis for smoking near me?" You've found the right place!


Hypnosis can be an extremely effective tool for identifying the underlying pain and providing healing at the deepest levels.  When the deeper impetus to relieve pain is reduced, the powerful urge to engage in the addiction diminishes.

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