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Discover Hidden Mysteries of Your Past Lives:
A 90-Minute Interactive LIVE Zoom Class

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Join Our LIVE Zoom Class - Friday June 14th, 2024


Have you ever experienced a deep sense of familiarity with a stranger? Felt like certain aspects of yourself were created before this life?

Perhaps you've encountered invisible barriers that seem to hold you back, the origins of the problem shrouded in mystery.

Dive into the endlessly, captivating depths of your consciousness with our exclusive LIVE and Interactive Zoom class on Past Life Regression (PLR).

Is there danger in doing PLR?

Address common concerns and misconceptions. Our skilled practitioner, Peter McLaughlin, brings 17 years of experience to the table, ensuring your questions will be answered inthe realms of Past Life Regression.

I've tried PLR but it doesn't work for me

Don't lose heart! You'll receive personalized support and techniques to enhance your PLR experience and unlock its full potential.


Are Past Lives Real?

We will discuss this important question touching on the evidence and the importance of trusting yourself.


Why Time is an Illusion:

Explore the enigmatic nature of time and its profound influence on our perceptions and how you can use this knowledge to unlock the mysteries of your past lives.


How to Use Time Concepts to Heal:

Discover how the wisdom of the universe can be harnessed for healing and transformation. Learn practical techniques to release old wounds, dissolve limiting beliefs, and unleash your true potential for growth and fulfillment.


How can a Past Lifetime Affect your Present Life?

Explore the intricate connections between your past and present selves, illuminating the ways in which unresolved issues from past lifetimes may be influencing your current reality.


How PLR Heals Lives:

Uncover the hidden treasures of your past lives, healing old wounds, and gaining profound insights into the larger tapestry of your soul's journey.


This is your opportunity to open the door to the mysteries of your past lifetimes. This is your chance to ask the questions about Past Life Regression you’ve always wanted to know.


Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment unlike any other!

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