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Resolving Low Self-Esteem Hypnosis LIVE - Summary

"The first SALE you have to make is to yourself. So if you don't believe in yourself AKA the product and the service that you're selling, how can you expect someone else to believe in that or in YOU?"

People who are constantly abandoned in relationships, experience perpetual self-doubt, or have strained personal relationships often have unresolved personal battles. Most of their negative experiences circle back to low self-esteem levels.

Your low self-esteem could be rooted in an old, hidden trauma.

Sixteen years of my work shows that certain practices could change this. This Live is a roadmap to resolving your broken self-esteem to help you live your BEST life going forward.

In this episode we discuss self-esteem in-depth to find its relationship to recurring personal problems. Self-love and self-esteem appear to be more or less the same things to most people. The difference, however, is that although your self-esteem could rise or fall depending on the environment, self-love is a more profound practice. It is what gives you the feeling of being worthy and lovable.

A deflated level of self-worth touches all or any of these three major buckets in life

  1. Your mental and physical health

  2. Your work and finances

  3. Your personal and professional relationships

Sometimes, you are subconsciously experiencing the perception of an empty vessel inside of you. Seeking love and affection from the outside world could be a reminder to love yourself more.

How do you set yourself free from low self-esteem?

● Understand what caused you to feel this way. Heal yourself by rewriting your brain with positive affirmations.

● Realize that you are a Gift of God. Your expression to the world is as valuable as anyone else's.

● Heal the Deeper Wounds that created the Low Self-Esteem in the first place.

● Understand that you are a MAGNIFICENT human being and exuberate radiance, just like a child would do.

● We all come from a myriad of different backgrounds. And if you consider past lives, it gets even more unique.

● And much more!

Listen to this live recording to find answers to your most recurring self-esteem problems and learn how to feel good about yourself every day!


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