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Secrets of Spiritual Entity Attachments

 SUMMARY of the Zoom Class:


In Peter's class titled "Unlocking The Secrets of Spiritual Entity Attachments," he delves deeply into the fascinating and often misunderstood realm of spiritual entities, discussing their profound impact on the lives of people AND how to remove them.

Working one to one with his clients over the past 17 years lead him to recognize the existence of what he terms "energetic

parasites," spiritual entities that can attach to individuals and disrupt their lives, manifesting negative thoughts, emotions and influencing behaviors without the host's awareness.

Throughout the class, Peter emphasizes the transformative effects of removing these attachments, recounting instances where individuals experienced profound relief, clarity, and even freedom from negative voices in their heads.

He explains the concept of vibrational frequency, and how spiritual entities are drawn to individuals whose extremely low frequencies align with theirs.

Vulnerabilities to attachment, including excessive alcohol or other drug consumption, prolonged emotional distress, sexual intimacy with “infected” people and engagement in dark rituals.

These are explored as factors that can lower one's vibrational frequency and attract negative spiritual entities.

To aid participants in detecting attachment, Peter introduces and teaches the use of the ideomotor tool of a pendulum. This empowers those in the class to assess attachment and facilitate removal within minutes.

He stresses the importance of recognizing signs such as intrusive thoughts, unexplained emotions, or consistent nightmares as indicators of attachment.

Peter draws attention to the important principle of free will in entity removal, emphasizing that individuals must consciously assert their desire AND free will in the removal of attached entities.

Peter clarifies and makes the distinction between different types of spiritual entities, such as demonic entities and “common” entities.

In his experience, demonic entities require the assistance of very powerful spiritual beings, like Jesus for removal, common entities, disincarnate human beings are less intense.

Forceful methods with common attachments, he cautions, can be ineffective as they tend to miss the underlying reason for the spiritual attachment.

Peter's class offers a comprehensive exploration of spiritual entity attachments, providing insights into detection, removal, and the importance of free will and empathy in the process.

Through personal anecdotes and practical guidance, participants gain a deeper understanding of these phenomena and how to address them effectively.

The full video, transcript and link to a short video describing pendulum use and entity removal techniques is available for purchase at:


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