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Ghosts, Entities & Spirit Attachments: Unveiling the Hidden Realm


In this Friday LIVE session, Peter delves into the fascinating realm of Ghosts, Entities, and Spiritual Attachments. He sheds light on their nature and how they interact with the physical and energetic aspects of human beings. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of the unseen world.

Duality of Human Beings:

Human beings consist of two distinct parts: the physical and the energetic. The physical part is tangible, encompassing what we can perceive through our limited five senses. The energetic part is intangible, existing beyond the boundaries of our physical senses.

The Immortal Soul:

When a person dies, it is their physical body that perishes, while the energetic essence, often referred to as the spirit or soul, endures. This energy cannot be created or destroyed but continues to exist. Normally, the spirit moves toward the light or heaven, symbolizing a transition into the afterlife.

Entities Remaining:

In a free will universe, spirits have the choice to remain on the earth plane instead of moving into the light. Due to the limitations of our physical senses, we cannot easily perceive these spirits. It's akin to listening to only one radio station throughout life, unaware of the myriad frequencies perpetually broadcasting around us that we cannot detect.

Earth Existence for the Spirit:

A spirit that lingers on the Earth plane without a physical body faces a predicament. Like a person trying to communicate through a malfunctioning phone call, they lack the means to operate effectively in this realm. This inability to interact with the physical world must be immensely frustrating.

Entity Attachment:

Energetic entities can attach themselves to living individuals as a type of parasitic influence. This attachment may corrupt or manipulate the host, much like a parasite living off its host's energy. Attachment requires some level of agreement from the host, which can be explicit or tacit, conscious or subconscious.

The Challenge of Convincing Attachments to Depart:

In cases where individuals struggle to remove entities, it often stems from a subconscious desire to retain the attachment. Despite efforts to help, if the client subconsciously resists separation, it becomes an uphill battle. In these instances, its crucial to demonstrate to the client the benefits of releasing the entity for all parties.

Negotiating the Separation:

Negotiation and understanding play a vital role in convincing a client to release an attached entity. One of the tools Peter uses is by creating a trial separation, where the entity is temporarily let go, with the client retaining the option to reclaim it if desired. In the case of a deceased relative or a lost baby, compassionate beings from the other side can assist in facilitating the release.

Free Will is Key:

Peter asserts that influence from entities, even when unrecognized consciously, can indeed impact an individual's quality of life. Dark forces often employ the "Revelation of the Method" technique to subconsciously inform individuals of their intentions in advance. By this underhanded technique, dark forces believe they won’t incur Karmic debt.

Free will is also the key to removing attached entities as the client is directed to remove any previous permission and demand the entities leave their bodies and their energetic auras forthwith.

Identifying Attachments:

Detecting spiritual attachments can occur through various levels of awareness. Symptoms experienced by individuals, such as sudden anger, unusual cravings for food, drugs, etc, or a feeling of depression or just not being oneself, may be an initial indication.

Pendulum use (taught in the entity removal video below) and inner consultation with trusted spiritual beings can provide further confirmation to the presence of an attachment.

Transference of Attachments:

Attachments can potentially move from person to person, particularly during sexual intimacy. Additionally, vulnerability to attachments are frequently created from alcohol and drug use along with other lower vibratory states like depression and anger which alter one's energetic state.

Understanding these vulnerabilities helps people keep themselves safe from attachment by keeping their energetic frequencies high.


If you think you may have a spiritual entity attachment, Peter recommends watching this video he created for further explanation and for removal:

Link to the Friday LIVE video:

Additionally, you are welcome to contact him personally at


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