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Bluesky hypnosis: hypnotherapy that heals


Anxious?  Depressed?  Unexplained Symptoms?  Fearful?  Hopeless?


Miracles Happen Here...

There are 9 factors leading to being overweight.  There is an underlying emotional component. Change this and free yourself.

"EVERYTHING has changed since our sessions.  The "weight" has been removed.  The pain, the guilt, the anger.  ALL GONE.  Who knew that 50 years of crap could be vanquished in 5 intense hours?"  -- Debra F.
"Hypnosis with Peter has resolved the majority of my medical problems including: GERD, IBS, chronic diarrhea, chest pain, epigastric pain along with anxiety, anger and resentment. He helped me by utilizing hypnosis to find and resolve past and present life issues -  I'm still reeling from the experience. What a gift!"  -- Jim Pilc, MD


​​In this video clients speak about their life-changing experiences of going into the deepest realms of their consciousness, removing ancient barriers and finding a new level of peace they thought impossible.

Every challenge was created at a moment in time.

Find and heal the origin...

Anxiety and Stress are rampant in our society. Using hypnosis and your own inner-wisdom, I can help you reclaim your life.

Our consciousness doesn't end with the death of our bodies. Tap into your greater awareness to understand and to heal.

Your symptoms are directing you to a deeper cause in need of healing. Anxiety, weight, insomnia, fears and more...

Weight Loss

Anxiety Relief

Spiritual Regression


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